My Secret Weapon



I think everyone wants a secret weapon. A tool or ability that gives them an advantage. I have some pretty nifty skills, but we won’t be talking about those today. Thank goodness, right? Instead, I’m about to let you in on one of my secrets.


What if I told you that I had a cure for blemishes? How about a quick cure for those deep underskin bumps you occasionally get (and dread). My secret can help a variety of skin maladies in people, not limited to fungal infections (including dandruff), acne, boils, burns, corns and insect bites. While this may not work for everyone, I personally have cured myself of a Staphylococcus aureus infection. Most people know this pesky bacteria better by its common name, Staph. This product is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Have I gotten your attention yet? In the spirit of helping others, I will divulge one of my secrets. Well, two if you want to be precise. I urge you to run, don’t walk, to the nearest store to get these products. Of course, in today’s modern world it might be simpler to just order the products offline.


Derma E Tea Tree and E Oil, 1 fl. oz. $14.95


Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil
There are many brands that offer tea tree, however, this is the only brand I recommend. I have tried several brands and Derma E has the absolute best formulation. By itself, tea tree can be drying and occasionally too harsh for sensitive skin. That’s why it’s important that the oil is mixed with a carrier oil like vitamin E. I’ve tried mixing the oil myself as well as other brands that are premixed. There is no comparison. A bottle of this size will usually last me around 3 years.


Application: The best way to use the oil it to apply a drop to your clean finger or cotton pad/q-tip and apply to the affected site. It is important that you massage the oil into the affected area for at least 60 seconds. This promotes the absorption of the oil into the deepest layers of the skin. At the first sign of an underskin blemish, I apply this. Most of the time this stops the blemish from appearing. If the blemish has already appeared, I find that it takes two days, three max, for it to be healed. I can’t guarantee a timeline for you but I will tell you that it works fast! I usually apply it in the morning and at night time, as needed. Wash hands after applying. Tea tree is also an excellent infection preventative for cuts and scrapes. It can also be added to bath water to help with respiratory issues.

For dandruff: Brush hair before applying. Separate hair where you wish to administer. Apply the tea tree oil to fingers and rub into the scalp. Gently massage the oil. Wash hands after application. Let the oil rest for at least 30 minutes, an hour is preferred. Wash hair as normal. Continue use as needed. I generally recommend a bi-monthly application to maintain your results.


I do want to mention that tea tree has a distinctive smell. It’s similar to eucalyptus. Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy the scent. It fades in a few minutes, though you might occasionally get a whiff. The benefits are so worth it.


Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Bar Soap, 5 oz. $4.69


Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Soap.jpg


That’s a long name, huh? For anyone that suffers from body acne, or wants to prevent it, this is the soap for you. Some people even use this to wash their face. If you haven’t checked out Dr. Bronner’s products, you need to. I’ve not found one product I dislike, however, this is hands down my favorite. This soap is also a great preventative. I like to use it after a workout or a day in the garden. For those of you that prefer to wear natural deodorant, washing with this will extend deodorant wear time. Tea tree naturally kills the bacteria that causes body odor. Three cheers for that!


Just as I reminder – This oil is not intended for ingestion and it should be used purely for topical applications. Also, it’s not a good idea to use tea tree on pets as continued usage has caused toxicity in dogs and cats.


Now, off you go! Whatever you do, get some tea tree oil and keep it in your medicine cabinet. You never know when you might need it.



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