How to Naturally Thicken and Lengthen Lashes and Brows


Can you imagine having eyelashes so long that they obstruct your vision? I know a lady that has this problem (if you could call it a problem). She regularly cuts her lashes with kitchen scissors! I could only dream of having this issue. Over the years I’ve tried lots of serums and treatments that have promised to produce beautiful lashes. A few of the regimens have worked, though only for as long as I’ve used the product. All of them were expensive, and a handful of them caused some undesirable side effects. Yuck.
Brow trends now prefer a full and thick brow. Like many women, I overplucked my eyebrows in high school. Thank goodness they grew back without any lasting damage! I can always use some added brow thickness, though. As we age, our brows can become sparse. A few months ago I was fortuitous enough to stumble upon some valuable information. I discovered a natural remedy that will thicken and lengthen brows and eyelashes. I even found that it got rid of the dry flaking skin on my eyelid!
I noticed results after about a week of use. I was additionally thrilled when I found out that my brows kept their thickness after discontinuing use. Oh and that dry skin I mentioned, it was gone after two days! I tried at least a dozen different creams and serums, and none of them fixed my skin. Alright, alright. Enough talking!


Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Castor Oil, 4 oz. $14.95

Castor Oil

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Castor oil, when applied to the lash line and brows, will actually improve growth and the overall thickness. I recommend Foxbrim 100% Organic Pure Castor Oil. Foxbrim has an excellent reputation, and they produce outstanding cold pressed oils. Whether you choose this brand or not, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer that sells organic and cold pressed castor oil only.
Use organic oil only since you are applying it to the skin. Cold pressed oils are known to contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals than heat treated oils. Castor oil is full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which boost the production of collagen and elastin. These acids promote hair, lash, and brow growth.
Eyelash Application: At bedtime, apply 1-2 drops oil onto a disposable brush or wand. Paint the oil along the base of the eyelashes. Do not overuse. Gently wipe eyes with a soft cloth in the morning to cleanse.
Brow Application: At bedtime, apply 1-2 drops oil onto a disposable mascara wand. Gently brush through brows. Do not overuse. Gently wash off with a soft cloth in the morning to cleanse.
Skin Application: Apply 1 drop of oil onto a cotton swab. Gently rub the cotton swab over the affected area. Apply additional oil as needed.
As always, apply a small amount to the wrist before using to test for any skin allergies. I think you will love this product just as much as I do!



4 thoughts on “How to Naturally Thicken and Lengthen Lashes and Brows

    1. I bought mine off of Amazon. It’s the Foxbrim brand and should come with some applicators as well. If you click the name of the product above the picture of the oil it will take you directly to the Foxbrim site, too. I would get it wherever it’s the cheapest!


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