The Cure For Gray Hair?

Gray Hair

Many people still believe that a person’s hair begins turning gray when it runs out of melanin. That’s what science has long led us to believe. While melanin does determine the color of hair we are born with, it isn’t primarily responsible the graying of our hair.


Our bodies naturally contain the antioxidant enzyme catalase, but as we age levels can decrease. Catalase’s primary role is to decompose hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen in the body. Have you ever wondered why hydrogen peroxide fizzes and foams when it comes in contact with blood? That’s the sound of catalase in the blood turning hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.


When hydrogen peroxide goes unchecked, it saturates individual strands of hair. Hydrogen peroxide gradually bleaches the hair from the inside out. This explains why I have personally found several strands of hair that were black at the root and white at the ends. It’s important to note that individuals with inflammatory conditions or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis have much more significant amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the body. Hydrogen peroxide is created when the body heals from a wound or damage. Thus it acts as an inflammatory agent within the human body.


While there isn’t a magic pill that can completely prevent or cure gray hair, there are several formulations in the works. Can you say cash cow? There is good news, however. If you haven’t developed gray hair or if you aren’t entirely gray, I have three tips that can help you to stall and limit the number of gray hairs you have. Even if you are completely gray, I highly recommend implementing these tips into your daily routine.


1. Take a catalase supplement daily.
One molecule of catalase can neutralize 40 million hydrogen peroxide molecules per second. When searching for a supplement, avoid gimmicky products and instead, choose a natural antioxidant supplement.


2. Increase your intake of leeks, onions, radishes, kale, carrots, spinach, cucumbers, parsnips, celery and red cabbage. Each of these vegetables contains high amounts of the antioxidant enzyme catalase.


3. Take care of your body. According to pharmacist Suzy Cohen, “If you eat or drink junk foods, sugar, candy, soda and you know what else you get into … these things are refined and pro-inflammatory, so within seconds, you’ve spawned hydrogen peroxide in your body. Let the rusting begin. We can overwhelm our antioxidant systems so easily with alcohol, emotional stress, and even physical workouts or all-nighters.”


If you have a moment, I would highly recommend reading this article“Hydrogen peroxide fuels aging, inflammation, cancer metabolism and metastasis”. You can click the article title to link to the website. Knowledge is power! It might just change your health or your loved ones for the better!


As always, please carefully check all ingredients before beginning a supplement. It is also important to consult a doctor before beginning any new supplements.


Cohen, Suzy. “Catalase: The Enzyme That Reduces Peroxide and Pain.” Marco Eagle, Marco Eagle, 1 June 2016,

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