How to Get Baby Soft Feet


I don’t know many self-respecting people that will publicly admit that they have dry feet. I’m not just talking about feet in need of lotion; I mean very dry and rough feet. I’m talking about feet that might benefit from a sandblaster. Hopefully, your feet haven’t quite reached that condition. However, If you do suffer from chronically dry, rough, or cracked skin, you’ve come to right place.

I will readily admit that I have tried so many creams and lotions in my effort to have baby soft feet. I’ve even eyed my Dad’s sander a time or two. The good news is, I FINALLY found a solution for dry feet! What’s more, you can get all of these products for less than the cost of a pedicure! These three steps will give you extraordinarily soft and smooth feet! Say goodbye to rough, dry feet and hello to sandals!

1. Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, 2.4 Fl. oz., $25

Baby Foot.jpg
There’s no wonder that this product is ranked as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. It will transform your feet! The package comes with two plastic booties. If your feet are already smooth and you only suffer from the occasional dryness, you can skip this step. However, if your feet are in dire need of intervention (you know who you are), then you need this product in your life.

Baby Foot incorporates 17 natural and botanical ingredients in their foot peel. These natural ingredients work to efficiently and naturally eliminate dry and dead skin. For those of you unfamiliar with the product, Baby Foot penetrates deep into the skin and over the period of about a week and a half eliminates dry skin. The dry skin on your feet will peel off like a sunburn! It might sound odd, but once you see the results, you will be hooked.

Application: Put booties on feet, secure with included stickers as shown in directions. For better results, place a large pair of socks over the plastic booties. I recommend finding a comfy spot to sit while you treat your feet. Remove booties from feet after one hour and rinse feet. Your feet should feel moisturized after removing the booties; however, your feet won’t start peeling for two to three days. Baby foot recommends allowing feet to peel on their own instead of pulling the skin off yourself.

2. Footlogix Extra Cracked Heal Mousse Formula, 4.23 oz., $14.48

Footlogix Cracked Heel
I love this mousse! It has dramatically changed my feet. There are so many good things about this product that I’m not sure where to start. First of all, it comes in a can. What’s so great about that? Many moisturizing foot products come in a jar. I find that disgusting! No one wants to double dip into a foot product. Gross! This product allows for easy and direct application without contamination of the product.

The formulation is excellent. Once your rub in the mousse, it dries very quickly and is not greasy! Mrs. Accident Prone doesn’t need slippery feet, seriously. One can of this product lasts for two to three months as you only need a small amount for each foot. The product formulation is so gentle that it is safe for those with sensitive skin or diabetes.

Application: If you have especially dry skin, apply a small amount of mousse to each foot morning and night. Massage in and go! After a week of twice-daily applications, switch to once daily application. After a few days of use, you will begin to notice that your calluses and dry skin have softened. At this point, I recommend using an exfoliant on your feet in the shower. You can use a scrub or merely some coarse salt to remove built-up dry skin. Continue use until you have reached your desired effect. I then recommend using the product every few days to maintain results.

3. Mr. Pumice Metal Foot File, $8.79

Foot File
If you have an issue with dry feet, you need a foot file. Everyone that has had a pedicure should be familiar with this tool. It is excellent for removing built-up dead skin. This particular file is quite gentle, unlike some other products. I use this foot file to exfoliate my feet once the Footlogix Extra Cracked Heel Mouse Formula has softened any calluses or dry skin. The file exfoliates a great deal more than a scrub.

Application: At the end of your shower or after soaking feet, use the foot file to exfoliate dry skin. Working slowly, file dry areas in one direction. Always file in a single direction as filing back and forth can cause skin tears or cuts. Dry feet as usual and apply Footlogix mousse.

If you have dry feet, this regimen will work! I tried so many treatments, and none of them provided lasting results. That is until I started using these products. I am confident that you will love these items just as much as I do!

**Be sure to check product ingredients for any interaction with current medication before use. As always, if you have diabetes or sensitive skin, test products on small skin area before using.

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