Just Shooting Around


I’ve spent the last couple of days playing around with my Mom’s DSLR camera. She loaned it to me to see if I could figure it out for her. The good news is, it works fine and isn’t that different from most other DSLRs. The bad news is that I was unable to capture last nights blood moon on her camera. I had wrongly assumed that she had a professional flash attachment.

That’s what I get for assuming. No worries, though. When I went out for my daily walk, I brought along the camera and managed to get a few decent shots on the farm. Albeit, the sky was overcast and rainy. Instead of an actual blog post, I thought I would share a few of the photos with you! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you couldn’t tell, I love landscapes and animal photography!

Winter Farm Sunset
“Winter On the Farm”
Gravel Drive
“Quiet Gravel Drive”
Super Moon of Kentucky
Winter Woods in Kentucky
“Forgotten Path”
Lucy Portrait
“Lucy’s Portrait”
Teddy Closeup.jpg
“Teddy’s Portrait”

One thought on “Just Shooting Around

  1. Such fantastic photographs! They capture the essence of energy and they’re free-flowing and are all like a story of their own.

    Please feel free to drop by anytime, Scarlett, as I’ve just recently published a photo-set for my photography series: “The Concept of Expression”, in which I collaborated with my close friend, Wesley Baker, who runs his own brand, CDN.

    Alex Smithson


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