Lume. Does It Really Work?


Let me be the first to say that finding a healthy deodorant alternative has been at the top of my list for a few years. While not technically a deodorant connoisseur, I can’t think of many I haven’t tested. Playing sports for over two decades will do that to a person.

So, why find a healthy deodorant? While science hasn’t proved a direct link between aluminum and cancer or Alzheimer, it has proven that aluminum causes neurotoxicity in humans and embryotoxic effects in animals. Does that sound like something you want to be actively applying to your skin (particularly near your lymph nodes)? Didn’t think so. I will also be posting a more in-depth article about aluminum, soon, if you’d like to know more.

If you’re like me and have already been searching for your dream deodorant, you’ve more than likely experienced some horrible products along the way. So many of the so-called natural deodorants ended up failing before the day was over. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be at work or out in public and smell that your deodorant is no more?! Eww. It wasn’t like I was working out, either! I was just sitting in an office, or running some errands to the local grocery store. I didn’t even dare to workout without applying aluminum-based deodorants!

Possibly even worse, was the painful rash I had from products with baking soda! It felt like someone had lit a torch under my arms. Visually, it looked as if I had had some catastrophic carpet burn accident. Sleeveless was a BIG NO for about two weeks after my last application. I’m sure most of you can commiserate with these stories, and perhaps even a few of you have found a decent alternative. If you’re tired of just decent, though, it’s time to give Lume a try.

Lume Deodorant, 2.2 oz., $13.99


Can we just take a moment to thank the creator, Dr. Shannon Klingman, for her awesome creation? You may have seen the fun commercial for Lume. If you haven’t, I recommend watching it for a full intro to the company and their philosophy. Lume is a naturally derived deodorant that is made without aluminum, fragrance oils, and baking soda. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

I was honestly skeptical at first. I saw the commercial and was intrigued, but it took around two months for me to break down and order the product. I ended up ordering both the stick and tube in a bundle. Since I’m so picky about scents, I chose the unscented fragrance. I thought that $13.99 was expensive for deodorant but I was willing to give it a try, and I’m glad I did!

I made sure to read the application instructions since you apply it a bit differently than regular deodorants. First of all, you only need a very small amount! Twist the stick until there is only a tiny amount of product that comes up. Apply one half of the top of the stick to one underarm and then use the other half for the other side. Simply rub the deodorant in and you’re set.

How did Lume perform? I tested the product by working out twice a day without reapplying. I did this on multiple days. The workouts were each an hour long and consisted mostly of cardio. To my amazement, there was literally no smell. I mean, nothing! I was shocked because even my regular deodorants didn’t work that well! I’ve been using Lume for months now and still have the same opinion.

What’s more, Lume can be applied to any area of the skin! I’m not going to dive too far into this, but working out or sweating in general, can cause stinkiness in the nether regions. I know you understand what I mean! Lume can be applied like lotion (remember to only use about a pea size amount or less) to those areas and you will be stink free everywhere. No joke!

One tube will last a very long time since you need such a small amount of product, and you don’t have to worry about reapplying after a long day or workout. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, Lume will refund your money. I can’t speak for the scented version of Lume but the unscented does have a natural odor when first applied but it disappears within a minute. Some people may not like rubbing in their deodorant but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s definitely worth the trade-off from regular deodorants!


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