Lucy & Teddy

I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful weather! Today, my area was hit with heavy rainfall. I saw a perfect chance to edit some photos. I hope you enjoy these sweet photos of my fur children. If you’d like to follow their adventures, you can find them on Instagram @lucytheamstaff.   “The Smile of an Amstaff” “Chinny Chin Chin” “My Stick, My Rules” “Wishful … Continue reading Lucy & Teddy

Lume. Does It Really Work?

  Let me be the first to say that finding a healthy deodorant alternative has been at the top of my list for a few years. While not technically a deodorant connoisseur, I can’t think of many I haven’t tested. Playing sports for over two decades will do that to a person. So, why find a healthy deodorant? While science hasn’t proved a direct link … Continue reading Lume. Does It Really Work?

My Weekly Top 5 – Drugstore Edition

It’s that time again! This week we’ll be discussing my favorite drugstore products. The only thing better than a great product is getting it for a low price! Sit back, relax, and get ready to discover great inexpensive products! AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion, 7.9 oz., $12.99 I had heard a lot of hype about this product and its use for Keratosis Pilaris (commonly known as … Continue reading My Weekly Top 5 – Drugstore Edition

3 Minutes to Silky Smooth Hands

  I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready for spring. The weather we’ve had lately is reminiscent of May instead of February! I’m so excited for all bright colors about to hit the clothing racks. In fact, I went shopping yesterday with my parents, and spring and summer fashions were already out! The beautiful colors always bring a smile to my face. What goes … Continue reading 3 Minutes to Silky Smooth Hands

This Spice Will Dramatically Increase Weight Loss

I’ve been sitting on this crucial bit of information for a few days. I wanted to dive into the research before presenting this post. This information will change your life for the better. I’ve heard of several “natural” ways to lose weight and inches, but none of them showed significant results that are proven by scientific studies. I don’t need science to back up every … Continue reading This Spice Will Dramatically Increase Weight Loss