3 Minutes to Silky Smooth Hands

  I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready for spring. The weather we’ve had lately is reminiscent of May instead of February! I’m so excited for all bright colors about to hit the clothing racks. In fact, I went shopping yesterday with my parents, and spring and summer fashions were already out! The beautiful colors always bring a smile to my face. What goes … Continue reading 3 Minutes to Silky Smooth Hands

How to Get Baby Soft Feet

I don’t know many self-respecting people that will publicly admit that they have dry feet. I’m not just talking about feet in need of lotion; I mean very dry and rough feet. I’m talking about feet that might benefit from a sandblaster. Hopefully, your feet haven’t quite reached that condition. However, If you do suffer from chronically dry, rough, or cracked skin, you’ve come to … Continue reading How to Get Baby Soft Feet